Top 8 Programming Languages You Should Know in the AI Age In January 2024

What are the Top AI Programming Languages?

Best Programming Languages for AI

While Lisp might not be the first language that comes to mind for modern AI and ML applications, it has left an indelible mark on the history of AI programming. An established library for machine learning, Weka offers a collection of algorithms for data analysis and predictive modeling. When it comes to machine learning, libraries such as Scikit-learn offer a variety of algorithms and utilities for regression, classification, clustering, and more. Then there are TensorFlow and PyTorch, top-notch libraries for creating and training advanced machine learning models, including deep learning models. When you need to select a programming language for artificial intelligence and machine learning, the process is far from arbitrary.

Best Programming Languages for AI

With features like debugging, memory management, and metaprogramming, this language makes AI development a breeze. While Julia does not come with a large community or support, it offers many high-end features for top-notch AI development. When it comes to handling data analysis and numbers, Julia is the best development tool.

Other Languages for Artificial Intelligence Programming

For example, becoming proficient in Java can result in reliable enterprise-level programs, while learning Python can lead to AI and data science opportunities. Programming is a huge profession, and the range of languages helps people adapt to other domains and expand their skills. Unlike many other programming languages, Prolog inherits first-order logic and is intended mainly as a declarative programming language. The logic is declared in the form of relations represented by facts and rules. Prolog, which derived its name from “Programming in Logic”, is a logic programming language mainly used in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. Among the object-oriented languages, Smalltalk implements complex [newline]tasks in a more natural and organized way.

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Top 10 Programming Languages for AI Development in 2023.

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Additionally, AI code often requires extensive data manipulation and processing, so it is important to have a good understanding of data structures and algorithms. Depending on your plans for developing AI, there are multiple options. Artificial intelligence programming languages are typically based on advanced mathematics, statistics, and machine learning algorithms. The most popular languages for AI are Python, R, Java, C++, and Lisp, but there are many other languages that can be used for AI development, including Prolog, Haskell, Scala, and Julia.

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It shares the readability of Python, but is much faster with the speed of C, making it ideal for beginner AI development. Its speed makes it great for machine learning, which requires fast computation. Haskell does have AI-centered libraries like HLearn, which includes machine learning algorithms.

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